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Burnin Rubber 2
Burnin Rubber 2
Play Burnin Rubber 2

Play Burnin Rubber 2
Drive some of the best cars in the world and win races in the amazing 3d racing game Burning Rubber 2. Your objective is to collect points and bonus items while racing to unlock more tracks and cars. Your race will be is over if you finish the race or wreck your car. Use the keyboard arrow keys to control the movement of the car. Select from various tracks like Steep Mountains, Red Hot Road, San Burrito, etc and choose from hot cars like Phaser GTI, Spryster Turbo, etc to start playing. Collect various power-ups like nitro boost, car repair, points, point’s multiplier, etc to earn bonuses. Use the ramp to reach the difficult places. You will earn bonus points for your position after finishing the race so try to win the race for top points.

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