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Playing Days 2 Die The Other Side
Days2DIE the other side is a sequel to the first smash hit Days 2 Die. In this zombie killing thriller you take control of any angry swat agent on a mission to save your sister from zombie massacre. You find yourself dropped on the streets with an zombie outbreak on your hands. You must contain and kill every h1n1 infected zombie in your path in order to advance closer to your goal. You get to build your survival arsenal and choose a first weapon, a secondary weapon, a melee weapon and some explosives. If that does not get your blood rushing, your choice of weapons will. This game offers over 35 different weapons to slay, cut or blow up the zombies in shreds. That is a crazy amount of guns and bombs, but you must work hard to kill in order to unlock these upgraded weapons. Keep your partner alive as long as you can because you need all the help you can get.
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